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We study your business deeply and propose you the ideal software suitable for you within the budget.
CITSCO is a great partner throughout the process of choosing an ERP solution. We help you to control the terms throughout the ERP buying process and to achieve impressive result. Having an experienced partner like CITSCO, help you to negotiate for the softwares you need and set your expectations for the process of implementing these solutions.


ERP system impact almost every aspect of a company, so the success of implementation is of the utmost importance. Our team helps you to reduce the chances of implementation problem. We support you throughout the implementation process by closing all the loose ends and helps you to rectify all the errors in the process. We support you to test the software with your end users.
Also we help you to upgrade your system to a better ERP software thereby optimize your business processes.
We assists in the final deploy and go-live after thoroughly managing and tracking the pilot, tests, data migration/integration and fixes or customizations and other pre-deployment phases.


Our team excels at setting up and delivering effective ERP education sessions to your end users. The users must become “ERP experts” in their own right in order for a successful implementation and go-live. A thorough ERP education helps with ERP adoption and effectiveness in the years to come.

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